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Solar heat
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Extend your Algarve swimming season with our Solarheat pool heating panels.

   Our system provides all year pool heating for Algarve with no fuel costs and little or no maintenance. No extra pump is needed your existing pool pump circulates the warm water.

Solar Pool Heaters are the most effective, best value and best environmental choice for heating your pool no matter what climate your pool is in.
Our modular kit form panels are made from heavy duty polythene,
and are resistant to clorine, acid and salt. A properly sized solar system will effectively raise temperatures well into the high 20s range. In addition to raising the water temperature, your swimming season can be extended in cooler climates by as much as 100 percent, and performs year round in warmer climates.
They can be hung on a wall, layed on a flat area, or even fitted to a roof. There may be short periods during inclement weather when the pool water becomes cooler; however, a little sunny weather will return the pool back to a comfortable temperature. Solar pool heating systems are best suited for recreational pools, but can be easily designed for commercial and industrial applications.
Our systems heat your pool but use no aditional heating energy, that's because the pool water is circulated through the panels using the existing pool pump. By installing our temperature controler you can pre-set the temperature at the begining of the Algarve season and just leave it.                                                 
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